Tuesday January 16, 2018


services.jpgServices Preplanning
The purpose of preplanning a funeral, memorial service or cremation is to ease the burden on family members at the time of death. During your preplanned arrangement conference we will collect all the necessary vital information we will need for your death certificate and obituary. We will discuss and put in writing your wishes for final disposition and any services you would like us to perform.

If you wish you may prefund your prearrangement by using existing life insurance or by opening a Mortuary Trust Fund. There are many options available when it comes to prefunding including making payments and locking in at today’s prices. If you are interested in opening a Mortuary Trust or simply preplanning without prefunding you should contact us and set up an appointment. Price quoting is free and only takes a few minutes.

Funeral Services

It is our Guarantee to Provide our communites the highest level of compassion and professionalism in the service and care you have asked of us.  We are humbled by your desire for us to handle this most sensitive undertaking.

Traditional Funeral Services

A Traditional Funeral typically will have the body present with a viewing prior to the funeral service.  The viewing may be the day before or the same day. There are many benefits for the family members of the deceased when a Traditional Funeral is selected such as allowing friends,  neighbors and the general public to express their condolences to the surviving family, and it gives the family one last chance to say goodbye to their loved one.   However, due to some people’s wishes they would rather not have the body present. It is common for people to think if they’re cremated there will be no services.

All of the same services such as wakes and funerals can be performed when cremation is chosen. If no services are selected then you may select a Direct Cremation or Direct Burial. (Casket)

Direct Cremation

A Direct Cremation includes removal of the remains from the place of death to the crematorium, and delivery of the ashes to the next of kin or responsible party.  For unexpected deaths, Ryans Funeral Home offers Direct Cremations at the wish of the deceased or family that desires a low key and more economical service.

Newspapers notices can be arranged as well as life time inclusion in our ONLINE Obituaries.  We will be honoured to sit down with you and help prepare an obituary.

Graveside Services

A Graveside Service may be held with ashes or a body. You may select to have only a Graveside Service if you do not wish to have a Traditional Funeral but would like more closure than what a Direct Cremation or Direct Burial has to offer.